B – Belief in the true meaning of the word “brotherhood” and living it every day
R -Respect for yourself and others who share the love and the life of being a  biker

O – Observance of every brother’s right to live the life they choose without judging them

T -  Trust in those who you call brother and showing them that they can trust in you

H – Honesty in all things Lying to a brother is the ultimate betrayal & robs them of their trust in you

E – Equality in dealing with one another as none of us are any more or any less than the other

R – Remember who we are, how we live and to always be strong in our faith in the brotherhood

H – Honor the old brothers who came before us and showed us the way it should be

O – Obligation to share with the next generation of young brothers all that we have learned

O – Overlooking any weakness in younger brothers and striving to show them the true meaning

D – Dedication to promoting brotherhood to all those who truly seek it.

By: Kennybo – Lost Highway Riders 2010