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     On behalf of the Lost Highway Riders, we want to thank you for your generous donation to our charity event on Saturday August 11, 2018. Your gift and generosity allowed us to raise funds for our nation's veterans. 

     Compasion of giving from individuals such as yourself is what truly makes this country great. Thanks again.



 B – Belief in the true meaning of the word “brotherhood” and living it every day
R -Respect for yourself and others who share the love and the life of being a  biker

O – Observance of every brother’s right to live the life they choose without judging them

T -  Trust in those who you call brother and showing them that they can trust in you

H – Honesty in all things Lying to a brother is the ultimate betrayal & robs them of their trust in you

E – Equality in dealing with one another as none of us are any more or any less than the other

R – Remember who we are, how we live and to always be strong in our faith in the brotherhood

H – Honor the old brothers who came before us and showed us the way it should be

O – Obligation to share with the next generation of young brothers all that we have learned

O – Overlooking any weakness in younger brothers and striving to show them the true meaning

D – Dedication to promoting brotherhood to all those who truly seek it.

By: Kennybo – Lost Highway Riders 2010