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     On behalf of the Lost Highway Riders, we want to thank you for your generous donation to our charity event on Saturday August 11, 2018. Your gift and generosity allowed us to raise funds for our nation's veterans. 

     Compasion of giving from individuals such as yourself is what truly makes this country great. Thanks again.
About Us
Lost Highway Riders was formed in November 2010
       Forged from a tight-knit and small group of people and cemented with new friends along the way, we were formed to be a motorcycle group of brothers unlike most you might encounter.  We are a group of bikers who are independent and claim no territory or area and we are friendly toward and show respect to all that return that courtesy.  We offer our brothers a unique environment founded on loyalty, honor, respect, trust and brotherhood. 
       Our members live the biker lifestyle and we each share in our love for motorcycles and we promote brotherhood based on honor and respect.  We hold runs and gatherings and sponsor and participate in charity events in our area.  We ride and associate with not only our members, but also MC's, RC's and other biker related organizations and associations who share our love of motorcycles.  We are members of the National Coalition of Motorcyclists as well as our local Confederation of Clubs. If we are invited to attend another riding organization or group’s event we will gladly attend and participate.  We in turn welcome any and all bikers who wish to participate in ours.
        Participation in our events is voluntary, but consistent active participation is required for full patched members.  We “are not” an Internet or t-shirt club without a real purpose or function other than sending e-mails and chat room meetings.  We are an active group of bikers who ride together and who share the road and lifestyle with all bikers we meet.  We promote brotherhood and all that entails in the biker world as well as the many other qualities that true bikers possess.  We do this because this is what we are about. 
         Our membership consists of men who love and live the biker lifestyle without any politics, games or bullshit that is found out there today with so many of the wannabe’s who call themselves bikers.  We welcome people from all walks of life and almost anyone is welcome who agrees to our bylaws and the rules outlined within, with the exception of the individuals described in the following paragraphs.  We do not allow or tolerate games, politics, personal agendas or behavior that might bring a negative light on our membership or bikers as a whole.  We also don't allow lying, cheating, deception, backstabbing or taking advantage of any member or anyone else.  All of these things are the acts of someone without honor or respect and this type of behavior is not tolerated.
            We cannot accept for membership anyone who works for, with or in conjunction with law enforcement.  Law enforcements perception of loyalty, respect and brotherhood far differs from ours as it relates to the biker world.  Admitting anyone in law enforcement would only project a sense of distrust between LHR and the biker community and we will not allow that to happen.  As it relates to the biker world, law enforcement is not to be trusted.
            We also cannot condone, accept or allow for membership any person who has worked or operated in the capacity of an “undercover informant” or who did cooperate with law enforcement in such a manner as to cause harm, distress or betrayal to anyone else.  These are despicable acts and a person who would commit such acts cannot be trusted.  The basis of the Lost Highway Riders is loyalty, honor, respect and brotherhood and anyone who has caused this type of harm to another is not deserving of respect and these acts go completely against the basis and beliefs we live by.  If we were to identify or was approached by anyone who was guilty of such acts we would deal with this person with "extreme prejudice".
            We also cannot accept for membership anyone who has left, resigned or has been ejected from another motorcycle club or group in “bad standing”.  Acceptance of such an individual would be seen as a sign of disrespect to the previous club or entity as well as by any of their support clubs and we will never give such an indication to anyone. 
            While we do not actively recruit, we accept requests from those interested in membership who are seeking to be a part of a group of bikers that is based on the credo of all bikers and that is loyalty and honor and respect and brotherhood.  We feel that word-of-mouth and reputation is far more of an indication of who and what we are rather than actively seeking or lobbying for new members.  We build our membership on "quality" and not "quantity".  Those seeking to join us should be prepared to be treated with loyalty, honor, respect, and trust and should be prepared to give the same in return.  They should enjoy riding motorcycles and traveling because we are a "motorcycle riding" group of individuals. 
            We hold gatherings and ride throughout the country to celebrate with our brothers the joys of riding motorcycles and in the brotherhood that entails.  We want to experience everything that the life of a biker has to offer and that includes having fun, experiencing new places and meeting new people. 
Once a person has expressed an interest in becoming a member, they will need to be sponsored by a full patched Lost Highway Rider member.  Although there is no “prospecting”,   anyone who wishes to become a Lost Highway Rider will need to get to know us and give us a chance to get to know them for a period of a minimum of three months.  This will give us a chance to get a feel for the individual who wants to join and also give them a chance to make sure we are actually what they are looking for. If a person requests membership during the winter months, the introduction period will extend through the first month of the following riding season.
We do not accept membership based solely on showing up and writing a check or handing over cash.  We want to meet and get to know anyone wishing to join the Lost Highway Riders.  We want honest active participating members who actually enjoy riding motorcycles and will promote and grow our club.  We aren't looking for people whose concept of belonging is participating from a bar stool or over the phone or in an email over the Internet.  We are a "motorcycle riding" club of Lost Highway Riders. 
            We do not and cannot be a support club for any specific MC, RC or any other club or organization.  We do have and show respect for each of these entities no matter who they are and ask nothing in return but the same.  Brotherhood of the road is what we seek, friendship and respect is what we offer.